Friday, June 24, 2011

Intern Village? Intern Row.

This year, the interns have taken a new approach to the standard living situation at SLI.  (Change is good, right?)   Historically, all the interns have lived in close quarters together in the Intern Village, which consists of:

Boys Yurt: 2 bunks for up to 4 boys 
Girls Bunk House: cob building tucked away in the back, suited for 3 ladies.
Community Yurt : large shared area for all interns, complete with industrial kitchen, Wolf stove and 3 couches for loungin'.
Cob Showers / Sinks: Circular cob structure with an outdoor shower, one kinda indoors, both covered with mosaic tiles, and 2 sinks.  Supes cool.

You're probably wondering where the toilets are.  Yes, we do have them and they're not too far away.    They're just not part of our little 'village.'

The branching out started when Brandon began working on Patchamama aka "Patch".  Patch is a darling stand alone cob building that is at the other end of the village.  It was built by past interns and the floor needed to be oiled so that it didn't chip over time (this happened in the cob bunk house).  He thought it was such a cool space and wondered why no one was living in it?  Good question.  

Inside, all moved in

Now, while the floor polishing was going on, David had his eye on the Teepee.  During the first few weeks of interning at SLI, he moved the Teepee across the property to be situated right between Patch and the Intern Village, so it was kind of his baby from the beginning.  He moved in there and has since pimped it out.  We're talking bunk beds, Christmas lights and a fire pit inside.  

Yup, that's inside the teepee - Love it!

Enter: Eric and Brittany.  As caretakers, they were designated to live in the Tiny House.  The tiny house is just what the name implies.  It has everything a house has, but it is TINY.  Not as in munchkin-tiny, but as in incredibly efficient-tiny.  When they moved it, the house was trailed over to sit under the solar array, across from the Teepee.

This new set up left the entire boys yurt to just Vaughn and the entire bunk house to just Cassie.

Vaughn's Castle

Cassies Abode

Pretty sweet deal.  

Oh, I almost forgot ... the bathrooms.  The famous mosaic and cob bathrooms:

Sinks, and entry to "indoor shower"

"Indoor" shower

Outdoor shower

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  1. Cool, sounds like Intern Village sprawl!